It is very much about just doing it ourselves, that Better Woolworths won’t build itself….

Over on the Organ pages, where the recent Something Black and Red shows were co-hosted, you’ll find daily coverage of art, music, and more. The reason Organ still exists is partly because no one else much is bothering to cover the art in the smaller artist-led back street galleries. Organ has been around since the last century, truth be told, we’d rather it didn’t have to exist anymore but then when the self-appointed London art press almost proudly tell you they can’t be bothered with the artist-led galleries and that they have too any press releases from the big galleries to deal with to be bothered with what going on and exploring what’s going in then well,  we’ll just get on with doing it all ourselves…. Over on the Organ pages you’ll find daily coverage of art, music, underculture and more, it is very much about just doing it ourselves, that Better Woolworths won’t build itself



Last Friday we took ourselves to explore the art of East London (as we often do)….

Thirteen galleries, several pints, this particular Friday afternoon started with another quick look at Jonathan Baldock’s bed over the street at Space . At least someone has made this particular bed and not left their discarded shoes and their empty bottles of vodka from last night all over it  –  ORGAN THING: Thirteen galleries, several pints, the further exploration of East London’s art – Athena Papadopoulos at Emalin, the Brains & Lip Takeover at Hix, William Mackrell at The Ryder, Elizabeth Magill’s opening night at Wilkinson, Rckay Rax back at Residence…


ORGAN THING: The changing state of the East London gallery scene, A-Side B-Side say Hello! tonight, bye bye by Vilma Gold…

ORGAN THING: Owls, crocodile smiles, teeth, monkey heads, giant mice and a wholesome mob of proper street artists in a Dalston basement…

ORGAN PREVIEW: A new Athena Papadopoulossolo show, The Smurfette, opens at the end of April at East London’s always interesting Emalin gallery…


Christina Mackie


ORGAN THING: Christina Mackie’s Drift Rust comes together as one exciting whole at Bethnal Green’s Herald St gallery…

ORGAN THINGS: A taste of things to come from The Residents. And further to the encounter with dubious red coat man, has the London street art scene become the scene that celebrates itself far far too much?

ORGAN THING: Folkestone is an art school, what is artist Bob and Roberta Smith doing today?

ORGAN THING: Those other portraits of Hedley Roberts, those Himbad demons and another Thursday night rushing around East London…


Hedley Roberts




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