INTERACT PREVIEW: Who is Lucie MacGregor?

We don’t really know what Lucie MacGregor is going to do for her part of Interact next week, well we do, but we’ll keep it to ourselves and let you find out when the show opens on Thursday (and then follow up with more coverage and more here once the show has opened), we really don’t want to reveal it all before hand.  Lucie is one of the artists who came out way via the open call for this show, this will be her first appearance at a Cultivate event…

“The cut outs (in the film below) are the diagrammatic forms of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Describing my change in location from the UK to America, the carpet piece is in a state of tension, the culture tension I feel as a foreigner in an unfamiliar environment, the similar political and economic tensions which both countries are currently experiencing.  The carpets were found, bought and given to me by people in Brooklyn. The carpets move between different paths and streets, encountering different individuals, social situations and reactions”.




Intervention in a woodland in Huddersfield.   “Using string to create a frame network resembling the image of a house. Hand written text cuts through the camcorder footage, this writing is a conversation between the viewer, self and the site”.

Lucie will be taking part in Cultivate‘s Interact group show at Coate Studios, 37 Coate Street, Hackney, London, E2 9AG.  The show opens on Thursday evening June 15th (6pm until 9pm everyone welcome), and then runs from Friday 16th until Sunday 18th June, 11am until 6pm.




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