Columbia Road Part Two, I Saw It First, I Want it Worse – riot girl paintings, starz, discordant quilting, the show opens on Thursday…



The second show of the six week Cultivate residency at Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road, over in East London. Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey follow their appearance at this year’s Art Car Boot Fair with a gallery full of Emma’s Riot Grrrl flavours, feminist paintings of punk bands and more – expect images of Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Sever Year Bitch, Tribe 8, Bratmobile and many more, 43 paintings, 43 studies and a voyage of discovery. Meanwhile more of Sean’s riffs on the Cheap Art Manifesto, notions of a “Better Woolworths” and such, expect the spirit of the Art Car Boot Fair to continue in the gallery, expect lots of affordable art,


Emma Harvey, Riot Grrrl canvas pieces 


We’ll be joined for the two weeks by an artist called Jessica Scott. We came across Jessica at the Art Car Boot Fair, well see found Emma’s art and we started talking about Bikini Kill and Dream Nails and well the long and short of it all is that we had to invite her to come join in and be part of the show… Expect guest artists throughout the two weeks including Mia Jane Harris, James Bell, Suzie Pindar and…. Expect new new work as the show evolves, expect lots of affordable art, punk rock, paintings on found material and more. Remember now, art is not a business, art is like good bread, art is good for your soul – Opening night Thursday September 27th then open on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday until October 7th Entry is free, bring your own refreshment, bring cash, paintings on sales for as little as a fiver… And yes, the dhoe title does come from a Seven Year Bitch song…




The Emma Harvey Riot Grrrl paintings are all small canvas pieces, 12cm x 17cm paintings, gloss paint on canvas, they were originally going to be painted for the Art Car Boot Fair, somehow it evolved into something much more, a bigger collection that needed a gallery wall, that needed to be seen together, one big whole that might still be ongoing… paintings of Poisoned Girls, of The Runaways, of Bikini Kill and Bratmobile and Dream Nails and Suzi Quatro and Tribe 8, The Slits and Huggy Bear and… explore more here


Emma Harvey 


129: Sean Worrall – The notion of a painting brought to a conclusion everyday (2017)

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