Today is Tuesday, the second Nothing is Square show opens on Thursday so that means we’re up to our…


Today is Tuesday, the second Nothing is Square show opens on Thursday so that means we’re up to our necks chasing art and label copy and preparing for the hang tomorrow and the opening on Thursday evening. We open at 6pm, the opening runs until 9pm and you do know you’re welcome don’t you, none of that get your name on a list or any of that nonsense, just come along and explore some art, say hello, meet some of the artists.  Everything will be on sale but it really isn’t about that, this is first and foremost an art exhibition, a collection of paintings and such from some 38 artists, 140 pieces of art there for you to Jjust enjoy, to explore, and as much as we artists all need to sell our work, it really isn’t about that, this is about exhibiting our work, sharing space with our fellow artists and inviting you to come see it. Shipton Street Gallery is the name of the place, the clue to the street it is on is in the gallery name, you find it at the top end of Columbia Road and just off the Hackney Road, London, E2 7RZ.

If we have time, we shall try and post photos here once the hang starts, so you can get a flavour, or do follow my Instagram feed for progress shots. We shall certainly have lots of coverage on line the day after the opening night and yes, although I said it wasn’t about selling, if you do see a piece of work you want to know more about and are maybe interesting in buying please do ask, the price range is £30 to £300, all 140 pieces are sized 20cm x 20cm and we’;re happy to sell the art via mail as well as at the gallery.


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The Facebook Event Page should you feel the need

Here’s a taste of Emma Harvey’s rather Bikini Kill Riot Grrrl flavoured Nothing is Square oil paintings….


Emma Harvey – “Bikini Kill” – oil on canvas, each one 20cm x 20cm

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