(And with good) Reason will open on June 18th, the third in a series of three on-line group shows during this time of lockdown, the artist call is now open…


CULTVATE Presents (And with good) Reason – opening night Thursday June 18th, 8pm, same place as last time and the time before that for there is good reason to do it all again.Whatever the Art Council might think about us not really needing emergency funding while others who do far (far) less that us in terms of engagement and allowing our fellow artists that chance to do the “Let’s Create” thing.

(And with good) Reason with once again be a carefully curated on-line group show, please do check out the last two shows #43Artists and (Far from the) Turmoil, if you want a flavour ot two,  a bit more walking it rather than just Art Council funded talking it   We see (And with good) Reason as a third istallment in a trio of on-line shows during this time of lockdown

(And with good) Reason. – “Having a sound, justifiable cause or purpose; because something has already been proven true or justifiable”. – A third group show, a third art show during these times. ..

Opening night Thursday June 18th and then on-line until the end of time along with the previous eight on-line shows from Cultivate. Find them all via www.organthing.com

The open call details are here



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