So Why Not Do It Again? will open on Tuesday evening, August 18th…


It isn’t broken so why fix it? Well no, pretty much everything is broken, we still don’t know where we are as Cultivate in terms of future plans and future physical shows, we still don’t know where we are as working functioning artists, will we even get to exhibit work in a physical way this year? Will? What? Where? How?  The one thing that isn’t broken is the way the three Cultivate on-line shows worked during the Lockdown.

Who knows where we are now with this lockdown that we may or may not be coming out or going back in to? We simply don’t know if or when we can put on shows again or indeed id we can afford to? But we can do the on-line thing again, I think we can say those three lockdown shows worked can’t we? Not perfect but I do think they worked and I do think quite a number of the artists invited to take part got something out of being part of the shows, I hope the viewers and visitors did as well, so why not do it again? Actually that would be a good tittle…  So Why Not Do It Again?  Hang on, let me have a look at the calendar

So Why Not Do It Again? will open on Tuesday evening, August 18th, 8pm, once again hosted by Organ, once again brought to you by Cultivate, once again a combination of invited artists and artists selected via the process of an open call, once again we’ll expect to have around 35 to 40 participating artists, once again we expected to have five artists we haven;t heard of yet involved in the show, one again there will be no theme, once again we will be bias in terms of painters and once again we selected based on our tastes. Once again it will swallow up our time, once again we will not be charging any artist-exploiting “admin fee” or anything else that we can dress up as an excuse to make money out of our fellow artists, we are very clear about how we feel about galleries, curators and fellow artists who charge us fees just to submit to a selection process. Actually I rather enjoy going through the submissions and exploring the websites of those who have taken the time to submit something, I don’t really enjoy having to say no to people, I do rather enjoy saying yes… we rather like working with our fellow artists, I really don’t get why artists don’t come together and support each other a lot lot more than they actually do…

We’ll post the details of the So Why Not Do It Again? open call in a moment or two, the deadline will be August 4th, but hey, the sooner the better, don’t get caught up in the last minute rush now…. read the details of the last call if you can’t wait, it will be exactly the same rules and processes again, the same in terms of what we are and what we’re not looking for… cheeck out the previous show (And with good) Reason here and get a flavour. (sw)


Cultivate presents (And with good) Reason, an-line exhibition hosted by Organ, June 2020.


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