We’ll cut to the chase and just give you the headline here, The latest Cultivate on-line show is now live


We’ll cut to the chase and just give you the headline here, The latest Cultivate on-line show is now live, So Why Not Do It Again? Features 260 images of pieces of art from 43 artists, here the direct link to view it all – ORGAN: Cultivate presents So Why Not Do It Again? An on-line art exhibition…

And so we asked the question about doing it all again, well why not? This is the fourth Cultivate on-line art show of this strange fractured  year, three more than we had intended for 2020 – we think this is the 157th show since the idea of Cultivate came together halfway down Vyner Street here in East London some nine years ago. I’ve said all this already, but we are mostly about physical shows and art you can walk up to or roll around, about textures and smells and viewing art in the flesh as it were – we did ask the question about doing ii again and there is a valid space for on-line shows, we were doing this on-line thing way before Covid changed everything, these on-line shows are a useful addition..

And so we asked the question about doing it all again, more imortantly though, the question we’d like you to be asking as you look at these images of the art that we’ve carefully gathered together is, who are these artists? How big is that piece? What is it? Is it a painting? A collage? A print? An istalation? Who? What? Where? When?

The answers to those questions are all on the artists own websites. You see, we’ve gathered all this art together, artists from all over the land, all over the globe, we’ve taken a lot of time to select the images, taken time to “hang” the show in an order that makes it all flow and yes, we could go and carefully label each piece in terms of the size, the media and rest of that vital information you’d reasonably expect to find next to a piece of art in a physical show but the main point here – other than the point of just scrolling through the slide show and enjoying it all for what it is, an art exhibition – the vital point here is you get curious enough to want to know more about an artist or a piece of art, that you head for the list of links down at the foot of this page and you then head for the artist’s own website and you go find out more – that you go and explore their bodies of work, their thoughts, their news, their websites, that you go say hello (we artists do like to communicate, this is about engagement, art needs engagement). The point is that you do go follow their social media feeds of the artists, you go watch what they/we do next as artists. These on-line shows are intended as sets of signposts that point you to the artists, they’re intended as introductions, as doors that you just push open and go trough – what Emma and I are basically saying here is “hey, look, exciting artist, here’s the link, please go explore” – the links are the thing – we’re not giving you the details, we’re deliberately trying to get you to go explore..

So you have the art of 43 artists, Emma and I invited 41 fellow artists to come join us – abstract painters, performers, textile artists, print makers, installation artists, pro-active creators, feminists, landscapists, contradictors, activists, realists, we’ve invited them all to come and join us and be part of this latest Cultivate show. There is no theme, there was no brief, it was a simple case of inviting artists that excited us enough for us to want them to be part of the show. Some of the contributors will be familiar to Cultivate regulars, some of them new to Cultivate – new blood and cross-pollination is always very important, we are first and foremost artists. Cultivate is very much an artist-led thing, it is very much about artists coming together to make things happen – I could give you all the art talk and the wordery, but art is about looking not reading and frankly art-talk bores the hell out of me, artists who hide behind statements mostly leave me cold, the art itself needs to do the talking and the walking. So we’ve done it again, and why not?  Here’s the art, please do go explore an artists you don’t know about before, please do take the time. Thanks for coming here for a look, welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, so glad you could attend, come inside come inside, welcome to our latest Cultivate show, please enjoy….  (Sean Worrall, Cultivate, August 2020)


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