Why? Stop stop stop, no ranting today, we’re back in lockdown, the Tories are making a mess of it, Prime Minister Benny Hill doesn’t appear to have a clue…

And well, back to lockdown and almost certainly probably rightly so, too late again, but rightly so even though these dreadful self-serving only-care-about-themselves Tories have made a complete and utter mess of absolutely everything in terms of the Covid pandemic (other that making sure they profit out of it themselves, they’ve been rather good at doing that). What a mess they’ve made of the “world-beating” track and trace, the rules that don’t apply to Dominic Cummings and his mates like they do for the the rest of us. This year has been a disaster made many times worse by a Government who really do think the basis of society should be everyone for themselves and survival of the fittest, I’m alright Jack, sod the rest of you, probably you’re fault that you weren’t born into privilege, if you can’t afford health care then tough as they destroy the NHS…

Stop stop stop, no ranting today, we’re back in lockdown, the Tories are making a mess of it, Prime Minister Benny Hill doesn’t appear to have a clue, Dido and her Tory MP of a husband are laughing their heads off as count their profits (maybe we can track and trace some of that money?) and well the short sharp physical gallery shows for November that we were just about to announce are off before we even get to announce them. Just cancelled the space we booked. We kind of knew not to make a big song and dance until we got ourselves into November, and yes, unfortunately we do have to lockdown again, it could have been avoided if Boris hadn’t dithered and dithered and the “world-beating” track and trace had at least worked, and so the November shows are off before we’ve even got to announced them and well, back ot on-line again, back to another on-line show called Why? I really don’t expect there will be any physical shows this year now, well at least not formal gallery events and paintings hung on white walls now, not in 2020, but hey, to quote someone or other “look on every exit as an entrance to sowehere else”, on with the on-line shows

Why? Well why not? A fifth on-line exhibition in terms of 2020, it isn’t perfect, but then when has Cultivate ever been anywhere near perfect

Cultivate presents Why? an on-line contemporary art exhibition during these rather fractured times of are we in lockdown or not (are we still in lockdown, is there a tier?), a group show that will once more hopefully be alive with painters, paintings, installation, and well come have a look at 8pm on Tuesday November 24th or any time or day after that … Why? will be the 11th on-line show from Cultivate and we think the 158th Cultivate show since that Netll Market takeover back in the summer of 2011 (something like 158 anyway, we might have missed on or two).Why? will open on-line at 8pm on Tuesday November 24th via the Organ magazine website at www.organthing.com. We will once again be personally inviting the majority of the artists, but as always the flow of artistic new blood is very important. There is an open call aspect, find out more via the Cultivate Open Call page

And yes, it will be like (And with good) Reason – An art show curated by Cultivate Gallery and hosted here on the Organ pages, June 2020 – A ninth cultivated on-line art show, 39 artists, 200 plus pieces, art gathered with good reason, art from all over the world, view the show and run the slide show here

Cultivate presents (And with good) Reason, an-line exhibition hosted by Organ, June 2020.

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