Why? Well why not? There has now been eleven on-line shows, you can still explore them all…

The Why? Show went live last night at 8pm, at 11am this morning the show had already been viewed over 10,000 times.

We had a great reaction last night, big big thanks to all of you who posted and shared the links and this is how it works, thanks people! All about artists supporting each other and cross-pollinating (I come from a DIY punk rock record label putting on gigs background, I’ve never worked out why artists don’t take on more of the DIY punk ethic that drove some much good music back there) Cultivate is all about artists coming together and supporting each other, that’s why Emma and I started it (down Vyner Street here in East London ) nine years ago.

I (modestly) think Why looks great, lots of exciting art, I’m rather pleased with it. The show will now stay where it is, there are no plans to take it down or close it. Big big thanks to everyone who took a look last night on opening night, thanks to all the artists involved, thanks for supporting the show. We’ll be back with new shows at the start of January, well Why Not? (yes that was probably a title for a new on-line show at the start of January) All about artists coming together and supporting each other

There has now been eleven on-line exhibitions from Cultivate, there’s been 158 exhibitions and events, eleven of them have been on line. The great thing about on-line shows is they don’t need ot end, all eleven are hosted on the Organ website. Explore all eleven here

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