Yeastie Girls, it was a packed evening, full of energy and positivity…

As Emma pointed out on her Instagram feed a couple of days ago, “WOW – 8 years ago tonight we opened YEASTIE GIRLS! a group show curated by myself at Cultivate, London on Vyner Street…. it was a packed evening, full of energy and positivity with performance, video art, walls filled with work, zines, feminist magazines from the Feminist Library, badges, tshirts, paintings, photos, a space bursting with riot grrrl energy….”

It was a brilliant night, and even if I do say so my self, an ecvellent show, well Ican say that, it was all Emma’s curation, I just watched on.. 

YEASTIE GIRLS, ’A FOLLOW UP – ‘YEASTIE GIRLS’ (21st Feb to 6th March 2013) at CULTIVATE, VYNER STREET So, one month on from the opening of the YEASTIE GIRLS show and time to reflect on my first curated exhibition at CULTIVATE Vyner Street.  The aim of the show was to re-visit the ethos…

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