Recent Cultivate regular Monsur Awotunde has a solo show opening tonight – bold paintings, paintings with roots, exciting paintings…

Monsur Awotunde

We just posted a preview piece om the Organ website, Monsur’s paintings have figured in three Cultivate shows over the lasy year

ORGAN THING: Monsur Awotunde and a solo show, Moving Entities, bold paintings, paintings with roots, exciting paintings, opening tonight…

Organ Thing of The Day: I can’t actually recall how Monsur’s rich paintings first crossed our path, I can recall his work jumping out though, jumping out via his social media feed, demanding attention, something a little more. We probably stumbled upon him on Instagram, or did he submit something to a Cultivate open call? I can’t honestly remember now but I do know we probably chased him to take part in our #43Artists on-line groupshow just under a year ago now. 

Indeed, Monsur Awotunde first appeared in a Cultivate show back in April 2020, the first of seven Cultivate on-line shows that have now happened since everything got locked-down over here in the UK. Monsur has featured in three of those seven shows, I expect (hope) his paintings will feature in more. his bio tells us Monsur Adeniyi Awotunde was born in Igbo Ora, Oyo, Nigeria, he studied in the UK for a while (damn, we missed him), he’s currently based over in the USA, in Florida, and today, Friday March 5th, he has a show opening, a solo show entitled Moving Entities at Reitz Union Gallery, Gainesville, Florida.  We haven’t seen his work in the flesh yet, those painting do look exciting on line though and there is more of sense of scale when there’s a shot of a gallery gallery wall, looks like an exciting show. Monsur’s work does feel like it comes from somewhere, that it has a place, has roots, his paintings feel grounded, a sense of home, of identity, exciting paintings. (sw)

Tonight then, if you happen to be in Gainesville, otherwise go follow those social media feeds  

Links – Instagram / / Reitz Union Gallery / the Cultivate shows – Why? / And With Good Reason / #43Artists

Do please click on an image to ennlarge or to run the slide show….

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