The Alright open call is still open, it does close soon through…

The next on-line show from Cultivate goes by the name of Alright? And yes, we are asking if you are and yes we are still thinking, whatever happens in terms of a potential new normal and potential light at the end of the tunnel and gallery re-openings in a physical sense, that there just might be a monthly on-line group show. Always carefully curated, always very picky, most of the time with an open call element. not every single time but more often than not – the flow of new artistic blood is as important as ever.

Alright? Does have an open call element, the open call closes on Tuesday March 9th, the show itself, assuming everything is indeed alright, will open on Tuesday March 16th, once again at 8pm and once again, as with all Cultivate on-line shows, hosted on the Organ website. The open call is open to artists new or old to Cultivate. Alright?    

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