And so the day of the Self show is upon us, the exhibition is now open…

And so the day of the Self show is upon us, Self opens on-line tonight, Tuesday February 23rd at 8pm UK time via the pages of our hosts, Organ magazine. Here’s a small taste of what you might espect…

STOP PRESS: tHE SHOW IS NOW OPEN – Cultivate presents Self – a carefully curated show of self portraits – an on-line show and 33 invited artists, mostly painters, one or two who paint with cameras or pencils or… A show curated by artists and Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, view the show here.

Self? A self-portrait is a representation of an artist that is drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by that artist. Self, a show (hopefully) alive with artists challenged to produce self portraits. Following five on-line shows from Cultivate during this destructive Covid period starting with the #43Artists show back in April 2020, Self is another curated on-line show brought to you by Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey. The five on-line shows during the period of Covid including the show that opened at the start of this year, ReCultivate, have all been carefully curated “themeless” group shows, all five have had an open call element to them. Self is by invite only. Self is strictly about selecting and inviting our fellow artists to take part. Self is the 13th on-line show from Cultivate and we believe our 163rd show in all

Self has been about inviting artists to produce self portraits, in some cases challenging them to do so. We invited artists who you’d maybe expect to produce self portraits, we might have challenged one or two unexpected people to come up with something, “let’s see where this one goes, maybe we’ll ask people to dig deep into old sketch books, we’ll ask painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers”, we asked a fashion designer called Suki, Jimmy C found an old breakthrough piece, the first time he ever used the technique that has since taken him all over the globe, we challenged ourselves (or each other), people took it on in different ways. I like the results, it feels positive, we’ve really enjoyed pulling this show together, it feels like we’ll need to do it again at some point, we like the tradition of the self portrait, we like the challenge, we like challenging our fellow artists, to be continued…. (SW)

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