Mostra internazionale “Alright?” – and strong of a “Punk Rock” mentality…

Nice bit of advance coverage from the Italian press ahead of tonight’s opening of Alright? “Strong of a punk rock mentallity” so it says – “Cultivate Art Gallery nasce da un progetto degli artisti Sean Worrall ed Emma Harvey, artisti professionisti che stanchi del trattamento ricevuto da gallerie e curatori e forti di una mentalità ” Punk Rock ” iniziarono a creare eventi artistici” .

“Cultivate Art Gallery was born from a project by artists Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, professional artists who, tired of the treatment received by galleries and curators and strong of a “Punk Rock” mentality, began to create artistic…”

Yes we are fuelled by the DIY spirit of punk rock, it is where we came from, it was always about a state of mind and a way of doing things rather than a fashion statement. Organ was born of the days of photocopiers and manual typewriters, screen printing and paste up posters, putting on your own shows, your own gigs, bands, artists, people coming together to make things happen.

Mostra internazionale “Alright?” so says the article and yes Alright is internations, we’ve invited artists from all over the land, indeed the globe, artists from Manchesyer, from Berlin, from Poland, Turkey, Nigeria, South London, East London, Cambridge. Why does it take a fashion magazine in Italy to notice what the London art press don’t want to see? Then again, d owe really care that much about the “Shit from shinola” (Sean Scully) London art press? We do that ourselves as well over at Organ

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