Coming next from Cultivate, on we go with the (now monthly) on-line exhibitions…

Coming next from Cultivate, on we go with the (now monthly) on-line exhibitions. More very soon.

Whatever the situation with Covid and Lockdowns and physical galleries, and whatever the aloof Arts Council might say, we see these on-line shows as being rather positive. We like the way we can bring artists together from all over the land and indeed the globe rather than just London, we like that people from all over the world pro-actively interact with the artists and that the artists interact with each other, we like that fresh artistic blood (in terms of Cultivate) can flow, and that artists we hadn’t heard of six months ago are now showing regularly with us. We like that the shows are viewed by tens of thousands of people. We like that doors are open. 

We still don’t know if and when we will get back to a physical programme of events, we’re still licking out financial wounds after the first lockdown in March of last year, we’re still confused in terms of the Art Council and their so called emergency funding and their patronising phone calls and e.mail telling us how wonderfully we are and then never ever officially responding when we do approach them. We shall carry on with these now monthly shows, we shall carry on with our policy of never ever asking an artist to pay an “admin” fee just to submit an e.mail and an image to an open call. These on-line shows are now monthly, we like the way they work, we like the simple format, we’re enjoying them, they make take up hours and days of our time but we do like exploring and searching for new artists or catching up with what artists who have exhibited with us before are doing, it is about saturation now…    

There is an open call element, we are very picky, ithe art has to work for us in terms of the show and in terms of an on-line exhibition, not everything does work on-line. We do try t orespond to everyone I would lke to thin kthe shows themselves explain it all though.

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