When is the next on-line show? Are we going to get physical again anytime soon?

“When is the next on line show?” you ask again and again, we well could do it again, there were lots of positives to the on-like shows and we did enjoy inviting so many of our fellow artists to join us. We could do it again, we cold put together an Autumn programme of on-line shows that allows to engage beyond the borders of our home city, we did like the way the on-line shows over the last year and a half brought together so many artists from so many places, we do like that the viewers and visitors were from all over the globe, that bonds were formed. True, we should maybe be focusing on physical shows now but are we really in a post-Covid world yet? Are we in a world that knows how to live e with Covid yet? Do we really know what will happen when Autumn really kicks in? Can we trust Boris and his bunch of self-serving Tories to not mess up again? Will we have to cancel again? Will we end up shelling out for a space we can’t open like last time? In an ideal world we’d be putting on physical shows and on-line shows at the same time again but hey, ideal world? And all that’s before we even start to think about the now impossibly unrealistic results of gentrification here in East London.

When is the next on line show? The nexy physical show? We’re considering it all. 

Recent Cultivate regular Monsur Awotunde


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