Book, Impart, Define, refine, on-line…

We are busy with Book, there is an open call element, there is a theme for once, most have missed out on that vital fact, it is mostly a show featuring invited artists, there is an open call element, the open call closes on February 11th. Theme? Normally we say we don’t need a theme, just art that excites us enough to want to share it but this time we do, the show is called Book, we invite artists to submit work with that title in mind.  Pieces that feature books, paintings of books, paintings in books. paintings of books, installation pieces, sketch books, sketch book pages, who knows what, you’ve viewed our shows, you can get an ideaThe show opens on February 22nd, more soon…. We are thinking we’ll do it monthly again in 3033, Impart for March then?

Cultivate presents Impart – – opening night Tuesday March 15th 2022 – Another on-line group show curated by Cultivate founders Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall, the show will once again be hosted on the Organ website, it kind of looks like we’re repeating the run of monthly on-line shows like we did during the first half of 2021. We’ll add the details to the Open Call page in a moment

Susan Wright featured in the Something Blue on-line show here in 2017, we should go and have a look and see if she has anything new for Book really. oh dear, her website no longer exists, artists nver ever tell us when they move to a new website.

SUSAN WRIGHT, Title: Canticle for the Anthropecene (2017), Print – etching, monoprints and photolithography presented in the form of a bound book. 30cm x 40cm x 5cm

We do keep saying these on-line shows aren’t a a substitution for the physical exhibitions that we will get back to in a moment or two, but we are finding lots of positives in the way these on-line shows reach around the globe to both artists and audiences all over the world, the way they kit things together, we are rather enjoying putting them together, we do like the simple format (we do wish you’d look on more than just your phones though)

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