Burst in April? The Electric Art Car Boot Fair in May, and we can whisper that we just secured a…

We are, even though it may not look like it from where you are, we are busy working on a number of Cultivate flavoured things at the moment – outdoor things, indeed real life gallery things, on line things (although on line is real life surely?), as well as our own things and solo projects and the Art Car Boot Fair thing that both Emma and I are pleased to be invited to participate in again this year – The Electric Art Car Boot Fair –  taking place on Lewis Cubitt Square, Kings Cross, London on Saturday May 14th from 2-7pm. More details to follow. There will also be an on-line version of the Electric Art Car Boot Fair happening between 14th May and 16th May, watch this space, tickets are on sale now via that link you just passed. We’re busy.

We can whisper that we just secured a big fat site for an East London summer outdoor event that we’re itching to tell you about, we’ll tell you about in a few days when all the ducks are in line and and and well even though it looks like we’re not doing much, actuall we really really are.

We probably should do the on-line thing again April, we did say they’d be monthly, we do, as we keep on saying, like the way they connect people up, the way they reach around the globe, that artists from Brazil get to know artists from Turkey or South Wales or California via a bunker in East London, we like that connections are made, that people engage, that it does reach out beyond the often rather insular art bubbles of London. We like the on-line shows, they got us through the pandemalaise (as Cheer Accident describesd it the other day when threatening to do things from their basement in Chicago, must ask Mr Jones for a painting or a drawing or a photo of a piece of cake). So yes, on line in April, but what to call it? The bats will tell us, eventually, or the rats, but there are no rats becasue of the cats and pigeons and well.

When we started Cultivate it was to be a six month thing, we took a six month lease on an East London space that became known as Cultivate, so eleven years later (Covid killed off out tenth birthday celebrations last year) here we are, Cultivate is still a thing, lots more news in the next few days.

Hang on, stop press, the April on-line show is to be called Burst, it will open on-line on April 26th, usual time, usual place, more in a moment. The open call will be on line in a second.

You can of course still explore Impart and all the previous on-line shows here

Here are the links that open all 21 Cultivate on line shows, the first on-line show, Red, opened back in 2017, we see no reason to ever close an on-line show.

March 2022 – Impart
March 2022 – Books (a companion show)
February 2022 – Book
January 2022 – Deflect
June 2021 – Saturation
May 2021- Still
April 2021 – Next (Au Suivant)
March 2021 – Alright?
February 2021 – Self
January 2021 – ReCultivate
November 2020 – Why?
August 2020 – So Why No Do It Again?
June 2020 – (And With Good) Reason
May 2020 – (Far From The) Turmoil
April 2020 – #43Artists
February 2019 – Attract (Part Two)
January 2018 – Intent (Part One)
November 2017 – The Accidental Marks Made While Making Art
August 2017 – Something Blue
April 2017 – Something Black
February 2017 – Red

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