Burst, the full list of participating artists…

The ongoing need for a series of monthly on-line shows, carefully curated exhibitions, for a gathering of artists from all over the land and indeed the globe goes on. Burst will be our April on-line exhibition, 36 carefully selected artists from North Wales, from Turkey, from New York, from South London, East London, from York, Brazil, Canada, Edinburgh, Birmingham. We like the way these on-line shows reach out. Burst will open on Tuesday evening, 7pm (UK time), April 26th, once again the show will be hosted on the Organ website, the direct link will be posted here once the exhibition opens, watch this space. Meanwhile here’s the full list of particiapting artists, there will of course be full links to all artists to be found with the exhibition, it is about those links and the doors they open. We’re busy “hanging” the show right now…


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