We really like the way these on-line shows work, we love the response, we love that they reach out way beyond our London bubble…


Have you had a look at Mixtape No.1 yet? Another maximalist on-line group show from Cultivate. 40 pro-active artists gathered together from all over the land and indeed the globe, over 200 pieces of art to explore along with that vital list of links so you can go explore and find out more about the art and artists that catch your eye in the busy show

Mixtape No.1 is the second in a fresh Autumn/Winter programme of carefully curated Cultivate on-line shows. The On-line shows started back in 2017, something designed to fit in next to our physical shows and something we were doing long before anyone had any notions of Covid. The on-line shows were working very well already, they really did take off during lockdown though, and post-lockdown viewing figures remain pleasingly high (indeed just two weeks on from the opening night, Mixtape No.1 has now been viewed just over 20,000 times). All the on-line exhibitions stretching back to 2017 as well as the four shows that opened during the first four months of 2022 can still be viewed on Cultivate’s sister website 0rgan – www.organthing.com.  All the shows have continued to be viewed by healthy numbers of people (from all over the world) throughout this year. These on-line shows are about linking people up, about cross-pollination, about artists supporting each other and creating alternative networks. We’d like to think they are like old school mixtapes serving up little tastes of artists that we hope you’ll want to go explore a little more.

Mixtape No1 is another artist-led maximalist group show alive with abstract painters, printer makers, contemporary artists, collage makers and lots lots more (and yes there in a soundtrack)  Explore the first Mixtape exhibition and everything else here – Mixtape No.1 – we’re now at work on the second one, indeed we just confirmed the first artist for Mixtape No.2, we hadn’t heard of Ben Faircloth until he made a submission via the Open Call about an hour ago.   

We really like the way these on-line shows work, we love the response, we love that they reach out way beyond our London bubble….  

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