More Mixtape, more cake, more crisps, 13 questions with installation artist Milly Aburrows…

Milly Aburrows is a rather exciting rather colourful artist, she’s one of the artists participating in Mixtape No.2 and she’s just become the seventeenth artist to answer those 13 questions we like to fire out now and again, you can find Milly’s answers and more over on the Organ website, here’s the link –

13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: Milly Aburrow and her uncanny sculptures, her installations of the everyday mundane, her cake and crisps and… I can’t quite remember how we found Milly and her rather enticing food now, she might have approached us via a Cultivate open call or she may have passed our way via her social media feeds and her Seduce Me cakes – that’s kind of how it works these days, if you’re out there and… read on

Milly Aburrows has taken part in a couple of Cultivate online shows now and we certainly hope there’s going to be more, we do rather need to see her work and her colour in the middle of a physical show at some point sometime soon: “Milly Aburrow’s uncanny sculptures and installations of the everyday mundane encapsulates the correlation between today’s connotations of food – the slang and theories connected. Exploring foods social commentary. Scrutinising whether food needs to identify with superfluous associations and the person who eats it. She fabricates artworks engrossed in the sphere of consumerism – both materialistic and nutritious, relatable and ironic. The transformative, conglomeration of the spaces and the individual sculptures, create posed connotations of irony with these notions and objects, challenging the over arching patriarchy of Western society and breaking down outdated stereotypes”.  

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