Today we are announcing a solo exhibition from multimedia artist Melike as part of our new Spring Season, the first of a number of solo shows that will happen on-line over the next few months…

Melike is based in Istanbul, Turkey (originally born in Samsun in 1980), if I remember correctly, another artist told her about Cultivate and she got in touch, or was it us who made first contact with her having seen something on a social media feed? I really can’t remember now, I do know she has been a regular participant in our shows for a couple of years or more now.We really do like her work, her movement, her attitude to it all. It is the movement that stitches it all together, her drawing, her painting, her photography or often the rather intriguing combination of all three in one piece. We’re starting to learn about her sound as well, we like her consistent commitment, her choreographic objectivity, her sense of performance, her style, her adventure. Adventure is something I think is soemthing that make us want to explore more of Melike’s art.

Melike has taken part in every group show we have put on since she first connected with us here at Cultivate in early 2021, most recently she was part of the two Mixtape exhibitions, she recerntly featured in the sixth of the born again Three x Three shows alongside two other Cultivate regulars, Sofia Martins Gray and Mark Burrell – Cultivate presents Three x Three (Part Five) – an online art exhibition featuring Melike, Mark Burrell and Sofia Martins Gray…

Today we are announcing an on-line solo exhibition from Melike as part of our Spring Season, the first of a number of solo shows that will happen on-line via Cultivate and Organ this Spring. Melike is busy creating new work right now, watch these pages or her own social media feeds as we build up to the opening on the evening of February 21st


Melikewebsite, Instagram, Facebook

Cultivate’s February 2023 is looking like this….

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