In view of the current situation in Turkey we have decided the respectful thing would be to postpone next week’s opening of Melike’s solo show until next month…


In view of the current situation in Turkey and the horrors still unfolding as a result of the recent earthquakes in both Turkey and Syria, after consultation with Melike, we have decided the respectful thing would be to postpone next week’s opening of her solo show until March 21st. Melike is a Turkish artist who’s work we have been enjoying and showing over the last couple of years, we have been working with her in terms of an on-line solo show for the last couple of months and she has been busy producing a new body of work that we had planned to show next week. Melike is based in Istanbul and wasn’t directly caught in the Earthquakes last week, however, like most people in Turkey and like her fellow Turkish artist Ezgi Bicakci – both artists are part on the current Mixtape No.3 exhibition – Melike’s main concern right now is friends and family. We’ve all agreed we have no appetite in terms of promoting a show right now and that it would not be respectful to be shouting about an art show so close to the disaster and as much as art can be a positive force, now is just not the time.  We are pleased to know both Melike and Ezgi are okay (we are a little concerned about another couple of Turkish artists who have taken part in previous shows as well as a number of musicians we’ve covered via the pages of Organ),


Melike’s exhibition was due to open on February 21st, it will now open one month later on March 21st alongside an interview we did prior to the earthquake and well fingers crossed for everyone out there,

Here’s something Melike posted on her own social media

“Dear friends, I’m devastated for the terrible disaster that has happened. We can see that we have a very long process ahead of us. I am grateful to my dear friends and many people I do not know who rushed to help on the zone from the first day, who are now on their way, and who made a sudden decision to turn their way to the earthquake zone.   It was a great strength and motivation that my friends in other countries called for support and took action immediately. Thank you very much.  Financial support is very effective when it reaches the right places. For everyone who wants to support, I am sharing the donation links that we have confirmed to be reliable below. In solidarity”

For those in the UK this looks like the best place should you wish to make a donation


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