On with the Spring Season, the Three x Three Part Eight featuring Vesna Parchet, Christopher Tansey and Vicki Salmi as well as an April solo exhibition for Mark Burrell…

The Spring Season of on line exhibitions goes on for one more month. we follow the activity in February and March with more shows in April. We are working on a 5th Mixtape group show right now (as always there is an open call element to the group exhibitions), and we are about to open the eighth Three x Three exhibition and we follow Milike’s rather fine solo show with an online show for Newcastle upon Tyne born artist Mark Burrell. Before Mark’s solo show we bring you the eighth instalment of the Three x Three series of exhibitions with two long-stranding Cultivate contributing artists Vesna Parchet and Christopher Tansey as well as relative newcomer Vicki Salmi. More about both shows in the next couple of days, we’re rather enjoying this ongoing Spring Season, it will finish at the end of April as we turn our attention to physical exhibitions, events and the Summer (back with more online shows in the Autumn we explect).

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