Opening on-line at 7pm on Tuesday April 18th, Mark Burrell – A Solo Show…

Opening on-line at 7pm on Tuesday April 18th, Mark Burrell – A Solo Show – once again hosted on the pages of Organ and as always, once a Cultivae on line show opens, it doesn’t close – explore them all via

The direct link to the Mark Burrell exhibition will be posted here once the show is open.

The Cultivate Spring Season heads towards a conclusion with a final two shows in April. The three month series of on-line shows will come to an end with one final Mixtape group exhibition and before Mixtape No.5 (opening April 25th) we have a solo show from Mark Burrell.

Opening on the evening of Tuesday April 18th and following on from Mark’s part in a recent Three x Three show where he share space with painterly photographer Sofia Martins Gray and Turkish artist Melike (who in turn has her own solo currently happening as part of our Spring Season), Mark will exhibit both new previously unseen work as well as collection of selection of paintings previously shown in the various Cultivate group shows the rather prolific Mark has been part of in recent years

Mark Burrell – “In order to understand the world around me, sometimes I need to focus on a small bit of it”. Mark is from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England, Once again we like his adventure, his movement, his energy and yes, his artistic commitment, we particularly like his sense of materials, his thoughtful combinations.

“Mark strives for an economy of means, the attempt to do the most with the least. He is highly sensitive in his use of material. Substances are often used spectacularly. Mark seeks to make the ordinary extraordinary. I consider Mark’s sensitivity, sense of self-discipline and contemplativeness to distinguish him as an artist.” (Tim Sayer)

STOP PRESS: The exhibition is now open and ready to be viewed via this link – Cultivate presents Mark Burrell – an online art exhibition…

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