This week we’re cultivating…

CULTIVATION - October 2012

CULTIVATION – October 2012

Lots going on the background right now, busy busy times at Cultivate, always busy at Cultivate you day, well yes, that is the way we want it…. This week, we’re enjoying bringing you the CULTIVATION show, a two week exhibition and me gathering together five artists I wish to share the space with for two weeks

Why? What? Who?  I’ll post about it all later, today I.m dealing with mailing out people’s art, with possible zombie infection and far too many things…. Lots of observations to share with you, the street, Frieze, the man over the road and more.

CULTIVATION goes on for one more week, the gallery is open Thursday until Sunday, 11.30am until 6pm. have to say we’re rather pleased with this show and we hope you’ll take the time to just come and check out our walls and our art…. Lots more tonight…. .

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