cleanse your souls of unprimary thought, of notions of devilish green or

satprime1Well it really is a gloriously beautiful looking Sunday morning out there, I’d love to stay here and make use of this glorious painting light, but no no no, time to pull my last paint splattered boots on and go open that Vyner Street door, time to go enjoy one last full day of the reds, yellows and blues that make up the glorious Primaries show. Last full on open door day for this fine show (it is there on Monday or Tuesday by appointment only, you don’t expect me to sit there every single day of the week do you!?).  I won’t rant and rave anymore, you read the ast blog entry didn’t you? All this ranting and trying to get you artists motivated does kind of get in the way of our enjoyment of Cultivate, and I am rather enjoying this particular show more than most we’vve put on (enjoyed most of them, but this one is particularly good, love the way it scans from the yellow side over to the blue). Primaries now comes with added work from Madeleine Strindberg, seems she saw the show on line and regretting the fact that she hadn’t taken part in the show once she saw it, jumped on the Saturday afternoon tube and headed over with three canvas pieces.  Always happy to have Madeleine join us, we’re big fans of her work, her attitude and her style,  and yes, turning up at 5pm on the last but one day of the show is the way, spontaneous is good if the art is too.   Madeleine’s fine pieces will stay for the Art is For Life show and what looks like it will be the last stand for this version of Cultivate.  Not going to rant and rave, you artists have answered my question about what you want, you mostly answered with you silence, silence can ve the loudest thing of all and so. looks like 2013 will be a break from running galleries and collective thought and trying to make a change and getting a space that we artists can use on our terms, 15 months of standing on that corner like an art pimp talking about other peoples art seems just about long enough anyway don’t you think?  Come enjoy it while we’re still there, ART IS FOR LIFE will be the last show of 2012 at Cultivate, PRIMARIES our last full on properly currated  formal exhibition and today is our last full on fully open day of said red yellow and blue Primaries show and you know that this being a Sunday, you know what you have to do,  you know you sinners need to go worship at the alter of paint and plaster,  you need to go kneel and kiss the yellow bomb, you need to redeem yourselves, cleanse your souls of unprimary thought of notions of devilish green or purple or blasphemus orange, your colour must be pure of thought, praise the primary, repent you mixers of hue, get down to the church of Cultivation for one last Sunday of what has been one of our finest shows of the year… right, I’m off to open the doors and enjoy Madeleine’s additions to the fine show…  no more ranting at you about the need for an artist-run art space…

STOP PRESS  Seems some of you are confused by this posting I put up this morning, so for the sake of clarity… The ART IS FOR LIFE show is partly about fund-raising to keep the gallery open and operating in 2013, if we don’t raise the funds then the fact is we can’t pay the rent and we close, if we do raise the funds then we carry on, but if we do carry on, then it needs others to get involved in the shows and the workload and everything that goes with running an artist-run space, a little more of a collective outlook and a coming together of minds and efforts, a bit of DIY punk rock attitude in terms of everything, the two of us can’t do it all ourselves, we’ve done 15 months….


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