Of course the idea of leaving free art on tops of walls for years, none of this is new, it didn’t start with a Facebook page or two, art left on seats of trains, outside galleries, inside galleries, in phone boxes, on buses, anonymously at times, details on the back of work on other occasions, the notions of shared creativity, of someone finding a piece of art, taking it home and just enjoying it, the idea of making a piece of art and just leaving it for someone to find… The idea of free art for some now comes with the added layer that is social media, is that a good thing? where is the art? Who found the art? Who leaving what where today? For years it was Thursday, Thursday is now Friday, Friday is any day, it all naturally evolved, there are no rules, there are no leaders, no one started it, it all just started, communication is good, sharing is good, this page doesn’t need explaining, use it and let’s see what happens…. free art whateverday, wherever the place….

We’ve been running free art events at Cultivate quite regularly, sometimes very organised – time, day, fate, event poster, sometimes not so formal and nothing more than the simple act of artists like Lewis Banister, Six One Six, Jason Atomic and such just leaving things on our doorstep or window ledge, people keep asking us when the next event will be… Does it have to be on our doorstep? Shall we cultivate it in other places… Social media is part of it now, work of mouth via Titter and Facebook, Free Art Detriot, Free Art Newportm Free Art Wherever….  Follow the Free Art Friday electronic word of mouth from London here

This coming Friday, we invite anyone who wants to, to once again come drop some free art in at Cultivate Vyner Street, come down during Friday opening hours and leave some art for others to take…



Photos of one of several FREE ART EVENTS at Cultivate


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