Earlier this month we voiced the idea of an artist meeting at Cultivate to discuss the idea of an artist-run space, the notions of artist collectives, of artists doing it ourselves, as well as feedback on what we’ve learned over the first 18 months of our cultivating experiment and anything else that comes up.  We got various bits of feedback to our last mail-out and the idea of a meeting, mostly you just said “tell us when the meeting is and we’ll come along”

youyesyouSo Friday April 5th, starting at 7pm, we call an informal meeting/talk/networking gathering at Cultivate, Vyner Street.

We will be inviting people who are involved in other artist-run spaces and run artists collectives and such, we invite you pro-active artists to come meet each other, throw ideas around, share your flyers and cards. We invite you to ask us questions, to talk to each other, talk to us, put forward your thoughts, start new things, carry existing things forward, swap information, discuss how artists are treated by gallery people, agents, fees, commissions, notions of doing it yourself – ignite, contact, unite…

Be smart about your art and do it yourself but not completely by yourself, unite, come together, do it together. Far too many people in this city making easy money out of artists, far too many artists saying there is no other option than to go with it.



This will be a genuine artist led event and not another one of those rather cynical let’s see how much money we can make out of artists affairs. You don’t need to buy tickets, pay a membership fee, cough up money to join something. No need to do any of those things that mostly seem to be about parting artists from their money. Just turn up, maybe bring a drink or a bag of crisps and let’s just do it.

We will politely ask you to quietly drop a coin or two in to our gallery donation tin, a politely suggested donation of £3 seems reasonable (we do have rent to pay, bills to attend to and such). A donation WILL NOT be compulsory though and we will NOT be waving a tin under your nose or anything like that, it will be discretely left on the table and the choice will be yours, there is NO formal charge in terms of attending this event, any donation will be more than welcome.

the  open sign outside Cultivate....

the open sign outside Cultivate….

Just come to Cultivate, meet, talk, exchange, network, and let’s see what comes of it…

Event running times

6.30pm  – Gallery open for evening session (Red show on the walls)

7.00pm – We officially start with a formal hello

7.15pm – Formal talk starts, Cultivate’s Sean Worrall on what Cultivate is about, the notions of artists taking control and doing it themselves

And on we will go and see where is takes us in an informal way. In the gallery and maybe in the pub over the road afterwards. If is all works then we’ll do it every month, First Friday artist meetings…

DAY OF THE DEAD opening night, 1st November

DAY OF THE DEAD opening night, 1st November

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