RED REVISED revised; the simple act of twenty artists sharing our space, walls and plinths…

zfirstred19So RED REVISED is almost over, the show opened on a  Thursday evening (that wasn’t a First Thursday) at our paint-scarred corner building that is the current home of Cultivate, it carried on through a second late opening in the shape of First Thursday, a night that marked eighteen months of what was only ever going to be a six month experience down Vyner Street.  Red Revised was the simple act of twenty artists sharing our space, walls and plinths, twenty artists sharing their red flavours, twenty rather diverse artists united in their use of one dominant colour. Simple idea, nothing revolutionary, but then no one claimed it always has to be did they? Sometimes it surely is just about standing in a room and surrounding yourself with art – people seemed to really enjoy standing in the middle of our room soaking it all in.

zfirstred4“I love it every time I come in this place, always so exciting, so inspiring, full of energy” so said someone who came in complaining about politely empty white walls at an opening a couple of streets away on the night Red Revised opened.

Personally I don’t have a problem with big white walls showing very little art. I like big space you can breathe in, relax in. I like well lit spaces. If the art is tight and it works in that big white reverential space then fine, not every gallery or space should be boiling with energy and pieces battling for your attention. I certainly wouldn’t run every space like we run our Vyner Street space, right now busy energy and exciting contradictions is the way to treat our room.  Some people don’t like it, some people judge our book by the cover, some look down their noses at us, some come in and still don’t like it, some have had their feathers ruffled by us, some snipe at us then don’t like when we bite back. Artists are not supposed to be rocking the boat and asking questions, or so it seems….

redsunday1So we filled our walls with Red, it felt good in there, it felt warm, inviting, it felt good to be in there, it felt positive, exciting, some of it felt beautiful, some of it confrontational, some of it subtle, some of it raw, some of it grew as the show went on, some of it retreated, some pieces lost a little impact as the exhibition flowed onwards, we don’t get everything right, of course we don’t, some might say we get more wrong than right, you’ve got to be doing it in the first place. Eighteen months of exploring then, experiencing, interacting, talking, sharing. We enjoyed the Red Revised show, even on the days that snow was coming in through the front door. We’re rather pleased with what we’ve achieved in the Eighteen months of Cultivate, and Red Revised was a pleasing way to mark being in Vyner Street for a year longer than we planned (or expected) to be, we enjoyed Red, we hope you did as well.





And a little uplifting music on this sunny Monday April 8th….

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