cultivate_meetup01tonight then, the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series of First Friday artist meetings. Bring yourselves, bring your cards, flyers, come network, come voice ideas, discuss, exchange, come network without some beSmartAbout whatever organisation trying to make money out of you,

I got an invite the other day to come to a networking event at a gallery up the street, be smart about art it said, come and meet Vyner street gallery owners and learn how to get your art in to Vyner Street galleries” `£15 a ticket is what they wanted to charge me to meet these gallery owners, Don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of these people forever trying to make money out of us artists, as for meeting gallery owners and such, none of my fellow gallery owners I’ve spoken to in the street are talking at it at this £15 a ticket networking event .   Be smart about art, spend your £15 on paint and do it yourself, meeting tonight at Cultivate for artists who want to get pro-active or want to ask us about what we’ve discovered during out 18 months here, or want to find out about how to get your art in to galleries in the street for real. No charge to attend. TIME FOR ARTISTS TO TAKE CONTROL AND DO IT THEMSELVES

gallery open from 6.30pm, start at 7pm, bring your own refreshment,,,

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