cultivate_flowerv1Monday, we’re not open today.. I think we can rightly claim we’re open more than most, we’re fed up with looking at the closed doors of other galleries up and down the street if the truth be known/ We’re fed up with apologising on their behalf if the truth really be known. Surely a gallery should be a commitment? What is the point of a locked-door gallery?  We don’;t open on Mondays though -.we do open every single week, Thursday through to Sunday every single week, we have done, without fail, for almost twenty one months in a row now. Today (and tomorrow) are days that w ill once again be sucked up by the non-stop admin and catching up again. Today we’re mostly dealing with the flower picking and the pink things and there really is no time for days off, we don’t do days off, there is no time to stop (or to paint), today is an answering e.mails all day kind of day, that and sorting out future shows and considering if there should be more. Today we’re dealing with all the flowers (I’d far rather be painting), come on people excite me with your flowers, you really haven’t been doing so so far (well a few of you have but most of you are being awfully polite when the gallery really should be full of life and colour for this one)

a_asixoneshopARTIST CALL then – CULTIVATE SUMMER FLOWER SHOW, opening First Thursday 6th of June right smack bang in the middle of it all. Pro-active Artists (in the London area) who wish to get involved should contact

We invite contemporary painters, illustrators, forward thinking street artists, exciting rule breakers, William Morris lovers, small scale sculptors, print makers, pop artists, sticker artists, maybe one or two challenging photographers…

We invite everyone who wants to get involved in an exciting vibrant busy two week show – art is about doing, not just talking about doing, come on, excite us!

That orange and black SIXONESIX piece up there is one of the many pieces to be found in our soon to be expanded on line shop.

meanwhile at the top of the street, mushrooms, there’s a CHRISTIAAN NAGEL print release happening this coming Thursday at  Ombra

come on, hit us with flowers, hit us with pink things, you artists really need to excite us more....






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