artcarbootflyerThe  tenth annual Art Car Boot Fair is upon us, it all happens this Sunday June 9th, it happens in a cat park just off Brick Lane, East  London,. it starts at midday and goes on until 6pm. A car park full of boots, a lot of classic Vauxhall  cars (for they are good enough to sponsor the much looked forward to event)  The seventy or so artists taking part there are there at the invitation of the organisers, manes such as Gavin Turk, Pure Evil,  Bob and Roberta Smith, Tracey Emin, Sir Peter Blake, Billy Childish and many more with their car boots (or tables or gazebos or insert car boot substitute of choice here), boots full of affordable art, specially produced pieces, exclusive print runs, live art, performance, entertainment and more more more…

the Art Car Boot Fair and the participating artists

Cultivate at the 2012 Art Car Boot Fair

Cultivate at the 2012 Art Car Boot Fair

Once again, we Cultivate Collective have been invited to take part, myself – Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey plus a selection of our regular Cultivate contributors  – Julia Maddison, Alo, Zoe Crosse, Lewis Banister (Copymenot), Gareth Morgan, SixOneSix and a piece to two more…  A table full of leafhearts, exclamations, mouths, prints, paintings, recycled knitting patterns, hand-painted dollars, one pound cardboard pieces, leaf-growth….



For the last three weeks or so, I, Sean Worrall, have been working on the notion of one piece of work, a piece of work that consists of one hundred parts. An artwork consisting of one hundred pieces, one hundred pieces all worked on at the same time, one hundred hundredboot1pieces of recycled cardboard, each piece hand-painted and worked, each piece numbered and signed, each piece individual, each piece to be sold individually,  each part on sale for one pound each, all for sale exclusively for one day only (they could have sold again and again over the last week to people coming in to Cultivate) at the 2013 Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair.  A piece that (almost) everyone can afford to have a part of, one piece, owned by one hundred different people, one hundred individual pieces that both exist on their own and as part of one big piece.  All one hundred parts were painted at the same time over a period of three weeks from mid May, painted on the floor of Cultivate gallery in the evening, after the doors had closed. The work in progress has been on display at the gallery for the last three week, as well as documenting the work in progress on social media…  The pieces will all be on sale at the Art Car Boot Fair, and once again the sale process will be documented, one piece of work, one hundred pieces, available for one day only.


Emma's mouth(s)

Emma’s mouth(s)

Meanwhile, Emma Harvey has been exploring her mouth in the last couple of  months, the exploration reaches a climax with nine new pop art flavoured small canvas pieces, painted with household gloss paint and made for the Art Car Boot fair, nine pieces on sale at £30 each.

This year we have also invited Julia Maddison to join is with her rather unique monoprints, London-based Italian street artist Alo, a man who’s been earning a lot of attention with his recent pieces at Cultivate as well as all over the streets of East London. We shall have some of Lewis Banister’s painted dollars, Gareth Morgan’s stylized figures, Zoe Crosse and her lush oil-painterly colour, SixOneSix with his recycled knitting patterns, pieces of found wood, pointed face-shapes and such. A “car boot” full of art from Cultivate people who have grasped both the spirit of our artist-run gallery and the Art Car Boot Fair



See you tomorrow then, always a fun day, it isn’t all about buying or the mad queue and the mad dash from whatever Tracey or Peter have on sale, once the line has gone (people do start lining up from very early morning to get those big name pieces, a mad Harrod’s sale-like rush as the “doors” open. Once the madness has died down then you have hours to explore art, talk to the artists, join in the events, the music, the performance, the food, the festival atmosphere, the open-air karaoke (Kevin Rowland dancing with a giant grin on his face while someone half-murdered Come On Eileen was quite something last year). Art Car Boot Fair is one of my favourite days of the year, I;m genuinely excited to be involved for a third time, this year. This is rumoured to be the last one, hopefully it isn’t  but don’t make the mistake of missing out, art should be fun, art should be engaging, art should be alive and the Art Car Boo Fair is….. Go enjoy, come say hello… Create is still the word, I;m looking forward to tomorrow.


Art Xar Boot 2012, Come On Eileen,,

Art Xar Boot 2012, Come On Eileen,,

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