JCulti_Openeastfestust sent the latest Cultivate newsletter out to those on the mailing list, for those of you who missed it, here is is…


Busy times at Cultivate, always busy times, that’s the way  we like it. Thanks to everyone who came along to the Pink show, the Midsummer Show, and who checked us out at the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair (and had their photos taken as part of the 100 Pieced Piece). Thanks to the artists who have take part in the busy events, Cultivate is all about taking part, a space run by artists for artists and for those who enjoy the things we artists do…

Culti_alwaysthereThis week at the gallery we have a show is called ALWAYS THERE, an evolving nine day show of paintings and such from EMMA HARVEY, GENEVIEVE HATTON-BROWN, JULIA MADDISON, MICHELLE MILDENHALL, 1 STOP, RUTH PHILO, SEAN WORRALL, 616, TIM SKINNER. ZOE CROSSE

We take Cultivate to the second ART CAR BOOT FAIR event of the summer next weekend, catch us at the opening of the Olympic Park and the Open East Festival, in East London, where some of our regular artists will have reasonably priced art on sale as others of us paint live.

More here via the previous blog entry

cultivate_popwillv2We have two OPEN CALLS for ARTISTS who wish to join in our next shows.

Our next First Thursday show will be a show called POP WILL EAT ITSELF – 21st century pop art, street art, street art is pop art isn’t it? We invite contemporary painters, street artists, print makers, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and anyone else to come get involved in what will once again be a very busy First Thursday two show.

If pop art flavours aren’t your thing then we follow up with our second annual LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS show of affordable smaller pieces of art when we expect to have a gallery fall of art on sale at £200 or less, nothing too much bigger than A3, a two show that is open to all styles, subject and medium, the only rule is we have to be excited enough by the work to want it on the show. As we keep saying, Cultivate is about getting involved….

Culti_summerbenefits2013Details of both shows and how to get involved here

Thanks for all your support people, Cultivate is run by artists for artists, it is about open doors and being accessible to all, about making a gallery a little more friendly both for artists and viewers…

Thanks for helping to make it happen, Sean, Emma,
Cultivate, Vyner Street, East London


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