cultivate_twov2We just sent out a mail out update for those on the gallery mailing list, for those of you not on the list (you can sign up via the gallery website), here’s what we just said….

Cultivate update, busy busy times (as always) down Vyner Street as we start to think about marking two years of non-stop Cultivating on our corner. We’re not quite two yet, as always, we’re fighting for our survival, fighting to keep an art space open and operating on artist-friendly terms rather than yet another space where the gallery owner dictate terms. We didn’t expect to be still in Vyner Street and getting ready to mark two years on the corner with a show called TWO (we opened two years ago this September 1st, the night with all those naked red men and such).  More about TWO next time, we’re pulling the details together now.

This update is mostly to shout about our next show LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS and to thank everyone who got involved and came along to the opening of the last minute WE ARE ALL SKATEBOARDERS show. Sometimes art and artists really do have to step up and make a stand. We’ll have a blog – – about the opening, the first weekend and the reactions, up on line later tonight (sleep is not an option). We Are All Skateboarders goes on for another week, still time to see the art.

There a Facebook album of photos of the art and last Thursday’s We Are All opening night here

Culti_summerbenefits2013The main purpose of this mailout to shout about our forthcoming gallery fundraiser and affordable art event, LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS and to remind you artists that there’s still time to get involved and help us raise funds and keep Cultivate going (please).

LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS is a two week fundraising affordable art show that opens at Cultivate on Thursday 15th August. We plan a room alive with a diverse mix of contemporary art, street art, pop art, prints, illustration, photography, abstract paintings and a whole lot more.  Smaller pieces of work, nothing bigger than A3, and everything on sale at no more than £200.  A packed room full of original exciting art all for sale at prices ranging between £1 and £200. A percentage of all sales will go to help keep Cultivate going, the show opens at 6pm on Thursday August 15th and runs for two weeks.

ARTISTS WHO WISH TO GET INVOLVED in Little Summer Benefits and show some art on Vyner Street as part of what we think will be a rather exciting (and well attended) two week event, and at the same time help support Cultivate (we need that support please, not easy keeping all this going, it really is a non-stop financial battle, no such thing as a holiday or even a day off here). Artists who wish to get involved should get in touch fot more info via – come on, we need a few of you artists who’ve enjoyed the exposure (and indeed the sales) over the last 23 months to come join us for Little Summer Benefits, or Cultivate might not make it to Two down Vyner Street!

Big thanks everyone, thanks for being involved, thanks for your support and for helping to keep it all going, against the odds, for (almost) two years.

SEAN, EMMA, Cultivate….

CULTIVATE - We Are All Skateboarders opening night (Aug 1st 2013)

CULTIVATE – We Are All Skateboarders opening night (Aug 1st 2013)


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