EMMA HARVEY – FLESHED, a rather personal painterly solo show at Cultivate…


Opening night: Thursday 19th September, 6pm until 9pm, then from: Friday 20th – 25th September, 2013

A week long solo show of new work by Emma Harvey

At those points where our sense of the separation of body and mind is lost, what happens to our notion of self?

Fleshed‘FLESHED’ is a culmination of work over the last 12 months which explores the nature of capturing a moment in time in paint, an attempt to visualise a point where body and mind combine fully, where the notion of self is ‘fused’ in a moment.

Emma’s work draws on the traditions of figurative painting and sculpture. She is interested in how the female body is depicted in art and how notions of the female body are formed in western culture. However her work is primarily personal and attempts to deal with her own understanding of body, femininity, and self.

In her present work she attempts to combine figurative painting with philosophical ideas about the body-mind and the ‘felt’ nature of selfhood.


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