Alo at Cultivate

Alo at Cultivate

This week’s view from the frontline, well the line somewhere down the middle of Vyner Street (where the battle line with the council are the anti-fun police are really being unhelpful right now). This week we’re considering notions of the street – NOTIONS OF THE STREET is a one week show featuring the work of rising London-based street artist (what is a street artist?) ALO, the show also features two new pieces from the 616, his work, is it work? His creativity is really taking shape now, the two new pieces he dropped in this week are the best pieces he has produced to-date. The week long notions show also features with from BEN NAZ, CARRIE REICHARDT, CHARLIE McFARLEY, D7606, GARETH MORGAN, LIMBO, 1STOP, PIKY, SEAN WORRALL and more. The show is open this weekend and closed next Tuesday evening, where upon we empty the gallery completely for a change of flavour and EMMA HARVEY‘s FLEASHED show

So, one weekend to come have a look and see these Notions, as we speak, there are three Alo pieces unsold…. See photos on the show here



616 - Attack the Block

616 – Attack the Block


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