Opening night: Thursday 26th September, then from: Friday 27th – 8th October 2013 (including October First Thursday)


YES, I KNOW WHERE BISTROTECHQUE IS. is to be a two week long text based art show, we would like a room full of text-based art, words, letter forms, type, typography, wordplay, pop art, we’d like a wordy room taken wherever you take it, where are you going to take it? We will be picky, we will want it to be right, you London-area artists and designers are invited to submit work and come get involved…



The title, a (slightly tongue in cheek) comment on the hidden galleries, clubs, restaurants  and spaces in and around the East London art district of Vyner Street, the big galleries that leave you feeling a little unwelcome, the uber-fashionable eating establishments that are too cool for signs, the slightly elitist this isn’t for the likes of you those big black always closed signless gallery doors, or the eternal question asked on our open-door corner “excuse me, do you know where Bistrotechque is?” – a question we’ve been answering dozens of times every week here at Cultivate.

And so, for two weeks, we decided we’d answer the question with a smile and  big sign outside, and at the same time, inside the gallery, we shall celebrate the art of words, print, letter forms, headlines and such.

The show opens on Thursday 26th Sept until Oct 8th – taking in First Thursday on 3rd October

For full information on how to submit work, please send an e.mail to and we shall send you full details on how to submit and how it all works…

(please note, this is now a two week show, the proposed Yellow show is cancelled, you words were exciting us more than your bananas)

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