ARTIST CALL: Come sleep with us….



ARTIST CALL: CULTIVATE EVOLVED GUEST ARTIST SPACES –  Come sleep with us…. we are now putting our guest artists in place for the first three months of the year…..

Cultivate has evolved, the space is now known as CULTIVATE EVOLVED and is the permanent home and exhibiting space for a group of eight artists. The walls of the gallery are divided in to ten clearly defines areas and we are inviting guest artists to come and occupy the ninth and tenth spaces (120cm wide x 290cm high) for a period of two weeks. Cultivate Evolved will be keeping the same opening hours as Cultivate did, we are still in the same place, right smack bang in the middle of Vyner Street and we want a rotating group of exciting guest artists to come join us in the evolving space.

We are going to be very picky about the guest spaces and the artists we choose, it has to be right for you, for us, and for the space.  We want our guest artists to excite our visitors and on-line followers, we want out visitors to be curious about who will be the next guest in our busy Vyner Street space.  We are going to mix up the styles in  terms of the guests, a street artist this time, a contemporary abstract painter next, a print maker, maybe a photographer…

If you would like to be considered as a guest artist then please get in touch for submission details and such

See previous blog for dates and schedule

Our corner, First Thursday...

Our corner…

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