cultevolved_15janphilipOur second guest artist of 2014 will join us for two weeks starting on Wednesday evening. London-based Russian-born painter PHILIP FIRSOV takes over one of out two guest spaces at CULTIVATE EVOLVED from Wednesday 15th January, his rather rich old school paintings will be occupying our wall until January 29th. The eight permanent in-house artists at Cultivate Evolved are joined by an invited guest every two weeks.

We’re rather pleased with the idea of guest spaces and an ever evolving contradiction of artists – we are going to be very picky about the guest spaces and the artists we choose, it has to be right for you, for us, and for the space.  We want our guest artists to excite our visitors and on-line followers, we want out visitors to be curious about who will be the next guest in our busy Vyner Street space.  We are going to mix up the styles in  terms of the guests, a street artist this time, a contemporary abstract painter next, a print maker, maybe a photographer…

PHILIP FIRSOV - In The 39th Kingdom

PHILIP FIRSOV – In The 39th Kingdom

Cultivate Evolved will be open late this Wednesday evening, from 6pm until 9pm,  Our neighbours at the big WILKINSON gallery will be open this Wednesday  evening with two new openings, upstairs and down, in their big white peaceful cube of a space.  Some people seem to think we don’t like the Wilkinson space, we love the gallery, beautiful space and a great place to explore art in some glorious peace and quite, we just don’t get why they like to hide behind their very unfriendly signless big black doors, we don’t understand why they don’t seen to want to interact with anyone, why do they hide down there at the bottom of the street?  Almost two and a half years we’ve been neighbours now, still not managed to return a smile of a hello, still, they’re open on Wednesday, the art on their big white walls is always interesting, why not go liberate some of their free wine or beer, have a look at what they have then come explore what we have on our walls (liberate me a beer while you’re at it)

Philip Fursov

Philip Firsov

Philip Firsov (b. 8 April 1985, Moscow) — British painter and sculptor of Russian origin.

Born in Moscow in the family of two Russian composers Elena Firsova and Dmitri Smirnov, he left Russia in the age of 6. The family settled in England. From the age of 15 he studied art privately with Russian Artist and Restorer Alexander Kolesnik, and then continued his education in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Foundation, Slade School of Fine Art, BA in Fine Art, and Prince’s Drawing School, Post Graduate Scheme.

PHILIP FIRSOV has exhibited a number of times at Cultivate. Philip is a real painter, he glories in the art of painting  (he looked a little confused when I showed him a can of spray paint the other day), brushes alive with energy and form, canvases rich in colour, shape and hints of tales of things from a time of laudanum and…

Philip Furzov

Philip Firzov

Philip also runs a rather respected life drawing class every Sunday at his Vyner Street studio, contact him via his Facebook page for more details

Meanwhile here’s a piece from one of our in-house artists JULIA MADDISON

Julia Maddison

Julia Maddison

Julia Maddison

Julia Maddison

And one satisfied visitor last Saturday…..

A satisfied visitor to Cultivate Evolved with a Sean Worrall piece

A satisfied visitor to Cultivate Evolved with a Sean Worrall piece


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