When our ancestors first etched symbols, Jamie Stanton’s art at Cultivate Evolved


Jamie Stanton

London-based digital artist .Jamie Stanton is one of our two guest artists at Cultivate Evolved for the next two weeks – Feb 13th to Feb 26th. Here are some images of the work Jamie has installed on our guest wall today, click on the thumbnails to see the pieces. .

“When our ancestors first etched symbols on blocks of ochre during the Upper Palaeolithic, and recorded for the first time internal thoughts on external media, they didn’t know they were taking the first steps of a fifty thousand year journey to instantaneous planetary communications..

From bead necklaces to broadcasting towers, as these technologies evolved so did the cognitive structures that facilitated them. And as our brains transformed, so did the way we perceived the world and in turn how we physically transformed it. The tools we build today to navigate the abyss of information that is the internet are forging new neural pathways in the brain. New forms of symbolic syntax that represent a new layer of cognition; one that will cast shadows millennia long”.

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