ARTIST CALL: RED RED PAINT IT RED (and bring on the Spring), some more artist calls, this time we’re doing it on line..

Emma Harvey

Emma Harvey

RED RED PAINT IT RED (and bring on the Spring), some more artist calls, this time we’re doing it on line..

Now personally, art on line doesn’t do it for me, you’re not going to catch me posting paintings on that god-awful cattle-market that is the Saatchi on-line site anytime soon.  I need to see it in the flesh, need to get a visual feel for the piece, a sense of energy, an appreciation of the scale, the temperature, I need to taste it  Looking at art on-line is a very poor second, I guess second is just about better than nothing though, actually, it is where we encounter a lot of artists who have shown work at Cultivate.  , So yes, under the right circumstances, on the right website, with a bit of careful selection and curation, a piece of on-line art can fire a person’s curiosity, can send you off in search of the artist and hopefully experiencing them in the “real” And yes, I guess for some artists, on-line is the “real” – don’t you just love the art of contradiction, art on line is fine by me (besides that god-awful Saatch site of course) .



So, in association with Cultivate’s sister on-line zine, Organ, we shall initiate the experiment that will be a monthly on-line Cultivate art show. The first on-line show will go live via the Cultivate and Organ pages on February 23rd, if it excites us then we’ll do it on the 23rd of every month..

Each month a theme, each month an open invite, all very very simple. All you artists need to do is send ONE web-ready image, along with you name, the title of the piece, the size of the piece, the medium and most importantly, a link to your own art website. That’s all, nothing else, no statement, no clutter, keep in clear and simple.  If selected then  your art goes on line, along with your name, details and a link to your website  We shall select the most exciting 23 each month. it all goes on line on the 24th.

To tie in with those (almost legendary) group shows that took place in 2012/13 at Cultivate, we shall revisit the themes of those shows exciting group shows. .



The February  24th show will be called RED.

Just, Red, no other details – make of the title what you will. You can submit ONE piece of art of a red nature – an abstract painting, a slice of street art, a piece of pop art. The only other rule is you must be a working artist, with a website (or at least an artist Facebook page, or something similar, not a bloody Saatchi on-line page please, be a bit more serious than that).

Send your entries to and please mark your entries RED SUBMISSION in the e.mail subject line please.

The March 24th show will be called SPRING, if you’re submitting to both please send separate entries.

Michelle Mildenhall

Michelle Mildenhall

There is no charge or entry fee, just send in your ONE piece of work (as far as I know it doesn’t cost us anything at this end besides a little bit of time to open an e.mail and look at a j.peg, we’re not going to start trying ot make a profit out of that process, fat too much of that going on elsewhere). There won’t be any communication or response, other than a simple standard reply so you know your submission got to us, I hope you don’t taker that as rude, simply trying to make this simple for us at our end as well as you at your end. .

Gabriel Parfitt

Gabriel Parfitt

Your part of the deal is, you go have a look on the website on the 24th (we’ll announce when it goes live) and if you’ve been selected, you can (please) go tell people about the whole on-line exhibition via your chosen social media outlets, websites and such – if everyone involved does that then a lot of people are going to see your work and hopefully want to explore more.  Simple. And no, there won’t be a vote for the best or any of that crap, detest all that nonsense, this is just a simple exercise in sharing art. now come get involved. ..     

Sean, Cultivate.


STOP PRESSDUE TO THE OVERWHELMING WORKLOAD HERE AT CULTIVATE THE SHOW WILL NOW GO LIVE ON SUNDAY MARCH 2nd at 10pm, Which in turn means you have until 8pm on March 2nd to submit a piece of art and excite us enough to select it as one of the pieces in the on-line show

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