Julia's studio...

Julia’s studio…

Friday at the art chute that is Cultivate Evolved and the question on everybody’s lips this week has been WHAT WILL SHE MAKE ON FRIDAY? @CVSgallery #art #VynerStreet #sculpture #tights

Friday at Cultivate, JULIA MADDISON  will be your in house artist today, I expect there will be fresh monoprints? Or maybe more bunting? Or birdcages or….

Tomorrow, Saturday. EMMA HARVEY is in-house, she’s busy plotting her International Women’s Day wall at the moment, a bit of a follow on to last year’s Yeastie Girl event at Cultivate, well no, not really a follow on, something fresh and new and….  well watch this space, or better still get in touch an d come join in, Emma still has room for more on her wall, artists, zine makers and such are invited to get involved

Sean, Fresh leaf growth....

Sean, Fresh leaf growth….

And on Sunday it is my turn to be in the space looking after the work of the artists we have on show, I shall be there working away again, tending to the leaf growth (although some of you say you see hearts, or even a “wall full of pussies” as one girl shouted in delight the other day – really is up to the viewer to see what they see, all about the marks and the layers growing over the layers for me, everyone’s view is of equal merit)

Our guest artists this week are JAMIE STANTON and SAMANTHA PAYNE, you have one last weekend to explore what they both have waiting for you on he Cultivate walls. Meanwhile here’s another JESSICA BALLANTYNE piece, this rather large painting was actually one she had in Cultivate last year as part of the Pink show…




Here’s a gallery of Cultivate Evolved related art and things for today…


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