FIRST SATURDAYS? The first First Saturday down Vyner Street…

firstsat1MARCH FIRST THURSDAY, 1st March 2014  – The first FIRST SATURDAY down VYNER STREET, LONDON, E2…

Watch this space, this is organic… anything is possible, First Saturday, an all day series of events in and around the the galleries, art spaces, pop-up Italian food shops, artist studios and cafes of Vyner Street, London E2… An all day event every First Saturday of the month from March 2014. Some of it organised and curated, some of it spontaneous and just happening…

Toasters... Limewharf..

Toasters… Limewharf..

Instigated by those people at the creative hub that is Limewharf and organically expanding to include the creative community that is to be found in the ever changing cobbled place of beauty that is Vyner Street.

Open galleries, cafes, events, live art, free art, live music, film screening, life drawing class, DJs all day, textile techniques, Italian cheese, bloody marys, weiss beers, East End Bagels, print making, spray paint… all events are free entry (besides the life drawing, well the life model must be paid after all)….

aaa_partyAt the various LIMEWHARF buildings, including their excellent new cafe (with the Toasters on the front), there will be all day DJs from 10am until 11pm, you’ll find a record sale, a screening of the the film “Hackney Captured – 50yrs From The Archive”, you’ll find live music, including Smitty’s Street Gang (wonder if they mean Smitty’s House band?)   4 COSE will be fueling you with the art of food, or the food of art, fueling you with their latest haul of Italian food in an art studio that’s sometimes a pop up food shop…

Are You You

Are You You

At CULTIVATE EVOLVED some of the gallery’s in-house artists will be creating things, others will just have their creativity on show, we don’t know what Julia will make…. “I shall be making paintings of pints of Guinness on First Saturday, they will cost you a pint of Guinness from the Victory, over the road… at some point I may paint a cheese roll or a bag of crisps” (says Sean Worrall), All Sean’s recent 2014 canvas pieces will be on sale for just £10 for the day, vinyl will also be being painted on all day. Last weekend to see Emma Harvey‘s Suck… Cultivate will open at 10am and stay open until you all go home

PHILIP FURSOV will be holding another of his Saturday afternoon life drawing events/classes, they can be chaotic, they’re always interesting, rather recommended actually, very rewarding… they’re fast becoming legendary.. First Tuesday is at the top of the street – more from here

aaa_street_bearThings are promised at galleries such as Wayward, Hada, Vyner Studio, around the corner at cell project spaceWilkinson Gallery, the big white cube of a space behind the giant black doors, will be open from 11am until 6pm with their new exhibition – A K DOLVEN: TEENAGERS LIFTING THE SKY…

FREE ART FRIDAY will be happening on SATURDAY…  No doubt OMBRA will be doing their tasty thing…  And there’s the very welcome recent addition to the street of BERT ‘n MAY with their treasure of reclaimed tiles down at the end of the street  – one of the best art galleries in the street if you ask us…  Watch this space for more news, this is organic… anything is possible, First Saturday, am all day series of events in the galleries, art spaces Italian food shops and cafes of Vyner Street, London E2

We’ll post more news as it comes in via the Facebook event page and the Cultivate Facebook page.


Will paint for Guinness

Will paint for Guinness

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