THIS WEEK: First Thursday, used boots, used vinyl, fresh cakes, car boots, art tarts, seasoned-up hyenas, more slang, backs of cortinas…

Julia Maddison monoprints

Julia Maddison monoprints

What’s happening this week? knock me down with a feather, Very busy week this week, First Thursday, Art Car Boot Fair, used underwear everywhere, neither have they go, or no right not… …

Sometimes there just isn’t time to even find the time to blog, and if the truth be known, we’re more interested in actually making art than writing about making art, and yes I know, it has been a little too quiet here on the Cultivate blog pages in the last couple of weeks but these are very busy times. I’ve been up to my neck in used vinyl and radiators, others are up to their next in slang or used boots, or art tarts or surf boards or in the case of M.O.B, well we don’t talk about M.O.B, the art of M.O.B just exists, and no, we’re not quiet, no time to be quiet, no quiet life here, just quiet this week when it comes to telling you about our noise, I do hope you are partial to our abracadabra….

aaa_cultevolved_junefthurs2v2 TIME TO MAKE SOME NOISE…

Yes, we are still here, the developers haven’t got us yet, the building is still standing, we’re still standing, Billericay Dickie has not been seen (neither has Plaistow Patricia), on we go until the man says time to go. This week we’re up to our necks in used boots and panties, that and First Thursday and the buzz of the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair, that and unpleasant taste the so called urbanists leave with their arrogant takeovers. No time for the self-congratulating urbanists today (the egos are almost comical now, how many tittles  is that now?).

We’re still here, our door is as open as ever, these times are exciting times… art is exciting, surviving is exciting, creating is exciting, making and sharing art is exciting, still being here at Cultivate is exciting, I think the street is still exciting, the Art Car Boot Fair certainly is very exciting, no time to write about it, got to get on with actually doing it (a surf board might be exciting), wonder what Sweet Gene Vincent would make of it all?



This week then? Well the Gold wall is down now, thanks to all those who took part, those who came along, the artists who shouted about, the artists who just delivered their work and never said a word about their involvement (come on people, if your work is up on the wall then at least mention it on your websites and social media pages, surely that’s more interesting than what you had for tea last night?). Like we keep on repeating, Cultivate is about doing things, about getting involved, about pro-active artists, open doors, communication, a shared experience.  We don’t do “private views”, our doors are open to (almost) everyone, our with all the broomstick formality and the politeness of art galleries (dare we say boredom of art galleries) and onward with the act of making people feel welcome…



First week of June then, First Thursday is upon us again, you know what that means by now don’t you? Vyner Street alive with art and places to explore, the other galleries actually opening their doors and admitting they are there – Hada Contemporary is always rewarding, couple of good shows on both floors of the big Wilkinson space right now, not sure what’s happening at the Vyner Street Gallery spaces or indeed Wayward, there is an art show in the Victory pub this month, I expect Degree Art will be open (really hard to tell since they refurbished, why don’t these places have signs?) Stimulating show up at Cell (now that is a place crying out for a sign!), musical things and going on in Limewharf – Vyner Street tends to come to life on a First Thursday… and this Thursday we demand you attention with JULIA MADDISON’s Used Boots and Panties….


That’s right, this month Julia has taken over a big slice of wall (and no doubt some ceiling space, some plinth space and hopefully some space in your mind (if not your underwear). Julia will be along with a blog of her own in a bit, meanwhile the cast list for Used Boots and Panties side of things looks a little like this: Susannah King, Gzillion Artist, Bernadette Louise HeartbreakerHousewife, Sophie Cullinan, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Ashley Scott Fitzgerald, Matthew Randle, Mathew Tudor, K T Kinnear, Jack Florish, Martin Adams, Laura Fishman, Julie Ann Steward, Jillian Knipe, Kani Kaml and Tony Berkman, more in a moment.

a_today3Elsewhere we in-house artists shall be evolving our walls for First Thursday and the on-going month, EMMA HARVEY said something about ribbons, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT made noises about the World Cup or Pickles and that ball or pre-season friendlies, JESSICA BALLANTYNE was last seen on a beach with her surfboard and bare feet, while M.O.B was doing things somewhere…. I (I being Sean Worrall) shall be debuting my latest One Hundred Pieced Piece, this time a piece that consists of one hundred pieces of twelve inch album size vinyl records – all pieces of the piece painted at the same time over the last fifty days, debuting at Cultivate on First Thursday and then off to the Art Car Boot Fair, each piece on sale at £10. JULIA MADDISON has been busy with monoprints, bunting and blackboards, looks like a rum do if you ask us, gin and what? Shall we?

V (Sean Worrall)

V (Sean Worrall)

Our guest artists for the next two weeks are both more than welcome back to our intimate corner space. For the next two weeks our guest artists will be BENJAMIN JENSEN and MARIE-LOUISE JONES. Really pleased to have both of them back in space after appearances in past group shows, more about both of them and their art later tonight in another blog, yes I know, like waiting for London Buses, don’t be clever Trever…. Right now I need to paint, and clean these used boots and spin this vinyl and….

aaa_cultevolved_bootfairFirst Thursday officially kicks off at 6pm this coming Thursday 5th June, officially 6pm until 9pm but we never seem to close at 9pm, we close when it ends.

The Art Car Boot Fair happens on Sunday 8th, Midday until 6pm. We shall there with a Cultivate stall again this year (Cultivate will be closed for day). Entrance at the corner of Brick Lane and Buxton Street

Cultivate is normally open 11.30am until 6pm Thursday until Sunday of every week, (or by appointment) this Sunday we are closed and off to Brick Lane


Clever Trever, knocked down with a feather… new, not used….


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