“Used Boots and Panties is the title of a month long show of eclectic delights on one and a half walls of Cultivate, Vyner Street. Taking the title of the 1977 Ian Dury album New Boots and Panties as a starting point (which goes under the banner of punk, but contains a vast array of musical styles), sixteen artists were invited to abandon their usual practice and throw themselves into something else; painting, photography, found objects, memories, dirty washing, and probably some old pants.

The theme is not entirely frivolous; there is the shiver of a favourite nightdress abandoned by its deceased owner, and a poignant account of a personal tragedy. One artist has chosen to rework the accoutrements of her former career as a stripper, as she enters an entirely new phase in her life, whilst another contributor has substituted a shirt stiff with the paint and residue of years of work, for his usual self portraiture.

I hope the wall will provide fodder for thought and debate, as well as amusement and general delight. You are all heartily welcome to the opening from 6-9pm this Thursday, and to bring your ideas and friends with you, and hopefully leave with more of both at the end of the evening. And feel free to bring a bottle too!
Here’s the full cast list:

Susannah King, Gzillion Artist, Bernadette Louise Heartbreaker Housewife, Sophie Cullinan, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Ashley Scott Fitzgerald, Matthew Randle, Mathew Tudor, K T Kinnear, Jack Florish, Martin Adams, Julie Steward, Laura Fishman, Jillian Knipe, Kani Kaml and Tony Berkman”.

Julia Maddison’s Used Boots And Panties will open at Cultivate on First Thursday June 5th at 6pm at Cultivate Evolved, Vyner Street, East London, and run for the entire month of June.  .

Used  (What julia Made)

Used (What julia Made)

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