Group shows are cool, WE ARE THREE: A celebration at CULTIVATE, opening on SEPTEMBER FIRST THURSDAY

aaa_cultevolved_isthreeWE ARE THREE: A celebration of three eventful years of CULTIVATE in Vyner Street, Eat London. A show opening on SEPTEMBER FIRST THURSDAY and running for one week

Three years of Cultivate in Vyner Street. Come celebrate the achievement of being here doing it non-stop for three full-on years.

WE ARE THREE features the art of MOB, SEAN WORRALL, JULIA MADDISON, EMMA HARVEY, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, ZOE CROSSE and MATHEW TUDOR plus special guests PIKY and ROMEN GOUVEIA as well as other invited guests sharing our walls and celebrating with us, and we are cellebrating, you have no idea of the battles we’ve gone through to keep bring you al lthis for three full-on non-stop years … Other invited guests:  AGATA CARDOSA, Hackney’s very own born and bred proper EastLondoner CHARLEY McFARLEY, JULIE CAVES, MARCELINA AMELIA and the considered darkness of MIA JANE HARRIS. And just maybe one or two more surprises t.b.c


Cultivate, September First Thursday, 2013

Cultivate, September First Thursday, 2013



And look at this list of all the artists who have featured in our artist run DIY space over three years. Group shows are cool, don’t ever let anyone say they are not, group shows open doors, they provide stepping stones.We recently heard a London gallery owner proclaiming group shows to be a compromise that he wouldn’t never take. Don’t tell us well hung group shows put together in a picky way aren’t cool! They’re extremely cool, and anyway your gallery is hardly ever open, nothing worse that a hardly ever open ’cause your far too cool to do it gallery. We’re rather pleased to have put on all those busy group shows over the last three years as well as all the solo shows and the other events that have flowed through Cultivate.


A group show….

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