Artist cash cows funding their holidays, brand new boutique developments and…



Summer holiday time, I see some of those galleries and organisations who really should know better are once again turning to their artist cash cows to pay for their holidays again. I’m getting to a point now where I’m starting to think well it serves you artists right. How much does it cost to open an e.mail?  Let’s say it again, as working artists we have no problem with sharing reasonable costs of a show that we’re actually taking part in, but it really is far far too easy for curators and organisations to exploit artists with these pay just to submit an e.mail to an open call scams. And the thing is, these shows are very rarely any good, the cynics who put these shows on never really do the things they claim they’re going to do, they’re all about exploiting new young artists who don’t know the score, we’ve said enough about it already, too many of you artists who have been around long enough to know better happy to support these things….

So anyway, no summer holiday for us, these are busy times. I think we can say the Warehouse show went well, lots of people, art, cross-pollination and artists coming together to do it ourselves and make it happen. Couple of weeks on from Play now and still feeling it was alright, yeah, it was alright, as was this year’s Art Car Boot Fair down Brick Lane, and last weekend’s Hackney WickED events over on Fish Island – words and images from Hackney WickEd here on the Organ pages.  .



Vyner Street

What are we doing next? Well besides registering an interest in buying a private luxury apartment in a brand new boutique development down on that building site in the middle of Vyner Street (maybe we should do an artist open call to fund our interest? £20 to submit and image via e.mail, what do you think?). So anyway, we’re doing things, swan like feet are working away underneath our calm serene surface.  More soon, including the Margate leg of the Art Car Boot Fair. Watch this space and don’t be fooled in to thinking you have to be a cash cow, I think Play proved we can do it a different more artist-friendly way.



more in a bit….


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