Off to Margate, we’ll have a beer and go on pier…

aaa_culticarboot_margateWhere? What? Who? when? Haven’t posted here for a bit, been busy “dropping” things and such.  I don’t know, I thought the Play show was a positive thing, an exciting thing, a defiant thing. it felt like a last stand in so many ways, the last playground, the end of a big chapter (we were rather pleased Darren Coffield and his vital documentation of Joshua Compston was a part of Play).

We enjoyed Play, of course we did. of course some of it was stressful, putting on a big show always is. Play was about unity, about artists coming together to make things happen on something near our terms. We loved the buzz of the Play weekend (it went mostly uncovered by the so called London art media of course, but then we expected that will be the case – “we need at least two month’s warning and you need to pay” said one London art website that claims to be run by artists for artists), we expected the media to mostly ignore Play (big thanks to Whitesao, they did turn up). What we didn’t expect was the almost laughable backlash from artists, we started to notice it before hand, a couple of mysterious pull outs, a couple of no shows, seems some of what we’re saying and doing is stepping on a toe or two, we’re a “threat”, I need to just “shut up”, seems Organ coverage is not welcome either, having an opinion or seeing things a little differently or asking a question or two is not welcome and well, the main thing we’ve found post Play is that artists, on the whole, are a rather conservative lot and if you do dare to ask a question or two about how things work then doors are going to be closed. Enough of all that, we didn’t come here for all this today, only came here this morning to invite you to the seaside, came here with news of seaside treats, ice cream, and goings off and things in Margate at the end of the month…

Cultivate, in the shape of myself (Sean Worrall), Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent, Julia Maddison and maybe a guest artist or two, will be heading to the seaside and Margate with the Art Car Boot Fair… (SW)

Cultivate artists off to the seaside, four of us this time (well five, Quiet British Accent are two)  The Art Car Boot Fair, Margate Edition with the Turner Contemporary Sunday August 30, 12-4pm, £3 entry

“Lured by the sea, the light, the tradition, the eccentric and the eclectic and thanks to the generous invitation of Turner Contemporary, we will be rolling into town this August Bank Holiday with the artworld’s most exuberant event. Margate, former home and inspiration to both Turner and Emin, quintessential seaside town and freshly buzzing with vibrancy and a sense of adventure – it’s the perfect place to bring the Art Car Boot Fair! Our car boots will overflow with local and London talents including exciting new collaborations with Margate based independents, Resort, Crate and Limbo and many other individual artists and performers who’ll bringing beach huts, matt black caravans, The Kent Cultural Baton, an ex-Nato campervan turned Camera Obscura, maybe the odd Bathing Machine to boot….plus a full 3 hour cabaret from Cabaret Futura’s inimitable Richard Strange and there’ll be lots of random performances and happenings besides…and fresh from success at our London event in June we’re delighted to bring The Dog in a Vintage Vauxhall Viva Boot Show!”

We’re off to Margate, we’re doing things our way, bring your buckets and spades, we’ll have a beer and go on pier…

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