Margate, Organised, the full list of confirmed artists taking part…

Cultivated? Well of course, but are you Organised? We blog about Cultivate related things here – event, shows, Cultivate artists, we blog about art, music and many other shades of underculture over on the Organ pages. Here’s one from a couple of days ago;  Organ Thing: Start the riot, painter Kim Leutwyler, activist Ollie Henderson and the Archibald Art Prize 2015… A post goes up on the Organ pages most days, a thing of the day, a piece of art, a gallery review, a piece of music, a painter, an event, an opinion….Organ, digging it out and sharing it with you…

MORE ON MARGATE….  The full list of artists has now been announced… here’s the official Art Car Boot Fair press release….


Rendezvous with us and over 100 artists and performers at Rendezvous Margate outside Turner Contemporary, under the Turner-esque skies of Thanet, in between the Dover Straits and David Chipperfield’s facade, flanked by the RNLI lifeboat station and the Harbour Arm of Margate’s fair seafront.

We’ve got (literally) shed loads of art, airstreams full of it, crates stacked high, beach hut art substations and, of course, car boots popping with originals, editions and startling curiosities. In between and amongst it all will be parades of knitted-swimsuit clad people, exhausted drag queens, men sporting loin cloths and powering strange Methods of Alternative Transport, the Clowns of Jestminster, Tracey Emin calling a charity raffle, Dreamboys and Dreamgirls and to celebrate our Year of the Dog there’ll be hot dogs, black dogs, cool hounds, four legged art and an actual dog show, partly taking place in a vintage Vauxhall Viva car boot.

We’re also bringing Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura featuring bands of Holy Joy and cool, punkish delights from Ray Gun plus the excitingly nautically named Orlando Seale and the Swells…whole cabaret line-up to be announced next week…..

Follow us on instagram to see what’s going to be on offer so you can plan your art buying in advance! This is the day that artists do business directly with their public at unbelievable prices, come and haggle with them, chat to them, make your own mongrel copies of their art with The Copy Shop and get them to sign it! It’s all possible at the one and only ART CAR BOOT FAIR – bought to you by Ashton Hayward in association with Turner Contemporary and courtesy of our vintage (12 years and counting) sponsor Vauxhall Motors and for the first time with the added support of the  Arts Council of England

As well as the Art Car Boot Fair, Margate’s August Bank Holiday line-up is simply staggering – amongst it all don’t miss Sink the Pink on Saturday night, a chance to catch ‘Provincial Punk’  Grayson Perry at Turner Contemporary all weekend, Margate Tribes and Kent Pride,  plus the pure joy to be had by jumping on (and off) the rides at Dreamland There’s something for everyone and so much more besides….

aaa_culticarboot_margateThe Art Car Boot Fair/Margate Full Line Up:

Tracey Emin & Emin International  · Gavin Turk · Vic Reeves and Michael Hogben · Rachel Howard · True Rocks· Holly Allan· Jessica Albarn · Lizzy Rose & Kate Hare · Crate including Charley Vine and Leigh Clarke · Limbo including Paul Hazelton, David Price, Tessa Farmer, Steve McPherson, Tasha Marks (AVM Curiosities), Sarah Wicks, Sarah Craske and Katie Welsford · Resort including Dan Chilcott , Charlie Evarist Boyce, Crowther/Plant, Jo Elbourne and Jason Pay, Kate Harrison, Steve Ibb, Nick Morley,  Heidi Plant, Julia Riddiough, Sara Wicks, Rachel Wilberforce, Leise Wilson and Angeli Yara · Bon Volk Studios · Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton · Nicole Mollet and the Kent Cultural Baton · Tom Thumb Theatre and Jessica Jordan-Wrench · BeDRAGgled from Amy Redmond / SINK The PINK · Sir Peter Blake  (TBC) · Soul Fast Food · Kristjana S Williams · Moniker Projects · Turps Painters · Bumble and Earwig · Alice Herrick & Keelertornero · Hantverk & Found with C.A.Halpin, Angela Frederico, Tom Swift, Jason Pay, Sam Zine · Alteria Art · Binnie Sisters · Wilma Johnston · Silvia Ziranek · Dolores De Sade · Marty Thornton · Art on a Postcard with Rankin, Robert James Clarke, Ray Richardson, Dougie Wallace, Hayden Kays, Cosmo Sarsen, Margo Bowman and Benjamin Murphy for the Hepatitis C Trust  · David J Batchelor · Frances Richardson · Jake Clarke · Kate Knight · Joseph Gibson · The Juncture ·Andrew Cunningham · Cultivate feat. Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent and Julia Maddison · Dylans Mobile Book Store · Francis Thornburn· Swifty ·Lucy Soni · Jealous Gallery · Club Shepway · Paul Sakoilsky · Mark Jones · X-ray Fog, Ian Dawson and The Copy Shop

Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura presents the Daylight Cabaret/ Margate Edition! Including: Johnny Brown and the Holy Joy Scrap and Salvage Movement, Kria, RayGun, Otis Coulter and Orlando Seale and the Swell plus special guests, lots.


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